Why You Should Hire a Waste Oil Collection Company Instead of Burning Oil Yourself

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Waste oil is an unwelcome by-product of many industrial processes. It includes used industrial lubricating oils, used industrial heat transfer fluids, used crankcase oils from industrial vehicles and many more.

If not properly collected and discarded, these oils pose a significant threat to environmental safety. That said, every industrial facility that produces waste oil has to put in place controls to ensure safe and effective collection and disposal of the oils. Otherwise, it can be penalised and even closed down for non-compliance with the existing environmental safety laws. 

If you derive waste oil from your industrial operations, hiring a waste oil collection company is an excellent way to get rid of the unwanted oil. Read along to find out why.

Waste Oil Is Potentially Hazardous

Waste oil can be defined as any synthetic or petroleum-based oil that can't be reused because it has lost its initial functionality due to contaminated with hazardous substances. While not all waste oil is contaminated with other hazardous materials, you might not be able to tell whether or not your oil contains dangerous substances. 

If you don't know what you're incinerating, there is a risk of toxins being released into the air and polluting it. This can be detrimental to human health and environmental safety. 

When you let a waste oil collection service provider handle your waste oil disposal needs, you can have peace of mind knowing that your oil will be discarded the right way, thus protecting human life and ensuring environmental safety.

Waste Oil Disposal Requires Devoted Resources to Do Correctly

Unless you run a waste oil collection and disposal service, you are better off leaving the job to the experts. Waste oil retrieval and disposal is a job that requires dedicated staff and specialised incinerators to do safely and correctly. 

Training your own staff in proper waste oil disposal, providing them with the appropriate personal protective equipment and purchasing the right incinerators for burning oil can be an expensive undertaking. Plus, your employees will spend a considerable amount of time burning oil instead of handling other important aspects of your business that deserve their attention.

Hiring a waste oil collection service is a great way to maximise your business operations while ensuring your waste oil disposal needs are handled the right way.

Are you ready to seek professional assistance with your waste oil disposal needs? Don't wait any longer – contact a waste oil collection service near you today!

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