Tips for Easy and Effective Graffiti Removal Process

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Some people think that graffiti is a creative form of artistic expression. The problem is with the connotative meanings that graffiti gives any building that has been tagged. Some of the common conceptions that people will have about buildings that are tagged include lack of discipline and lawlessness. The fact that tagging is done against the law also means that having graffiti on your building is not exactly the brand image that you want to portray. The problem with graffiti is that once it has dried up, removal can be very challenging.

However, with the right tips and guidelines, you can get rid of all the tags from your building. Here is how to do it.

Time is Important

You should remove graffiti as soon as you can after it appears. The spray paint types used to create the art are extremely absorbent on surfaces such as concrete bricks. On the other hand, if the surface has a coating of oil paint, removing the graffiti paint could be less complicated. The longer you wait before removing the stain, the higher the possibility that removing it will be a problem. Call in a professional remover to dissolve the paint and get it off the building before it sets and leaves an indelible mark on your building.

The Removal Method Matters

Certain solvent removers are very effective in graffiti removal. They work best when they are combined with paint thinners. Unfortunately, if a large area was covered with the paint, it will be tougher to use solvent removers for the process. In this case, it will make better sense to use methods such as sandblasting to clean up the walls. The best person to make the call on what removal method will work best is a professional graffiti tag remover. 

The Cost of the Process

Removing graffiti is no easy task. The resources used in removal depend on the size of the tag. If the tag is small, the cost should correspond. On the other hand, if the tag covers an entire wall, it will take more time, remover and manpower, hence, it will cost more. However, you can ask for quotations from several removers and go with the one that gives you the best value for your money.

Graffiti interferes with the brand name and image you are trying to create for your business. It is advisable to contact professionals as soon as you realise your building is tagged for immediate removal.