Why Softwood Pallet Manufacturing Is Gaining More Popularity in Australia

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The softwood pallet manufacturing industry in Australia is steadily gaining popularity. Previously, pallet manufacturers relied heavily on hardwood trees. Consequently, this led to a shortage of hardwood tree species and increased demand for cost-effective alternatives. 

Tree species such as pine and spruce are plentiful nationwide. In turn, this has favoured softwood pallet production with relatively affordable prices. Here are a few reasons why many businesses are opting for softwood pallets and why you should too. 

Softwood Pine Production and Treatment

Pine offers an excellent source of softwood commonly used to make pallets. It's cheaper and readily available across the country. As woodlands and natural forest continue depleting, pine continues to offer an immediate solution. Many pine plantation forests satisfy the increased demand for wood pallets. 

Simple treatment methods such as kiln drying, help produce softwood pallets that conform to international standards. Treatment helps eliminate fungus, excess moisture and mould. Besides, this makes them safe for shipping and cargo storage. 

Softwood Pallets Are Lightweight

Pallets manufactured from softwoods like pine are less dense and lighter. This quality is the most sought-after and desirable to buyers. Transporting or shipping cargo using softwood pallets is less costly. Less weight means low fuel consumption.

Additionally, pine pallets allow for effortless loading and unloading because they are lighter than hardwood varieties. Their lightweight quality means they cause the least wear and tear to equipment such as forklifts and cranes. Hence, this helps reduce the overall maintenance cost of warehouse equipment when using softwood pallets. 

Softwood Pallets are Available All-Year Round

Any business dealing with pallets wouldn't wish to have limited supply at any given time of the year. But when dealing with softwood pallets, companies have a guaranteed pallet supply throughout the year. Besides, softwood pallet prices remain relatively constant due to the ready availability of materials. The overabundance of pine pallet vendors across the nation eliminates any fear of shortages in the market. 

Softwood trees such as pine propagate and grow much faster. However, their hardwood counterparts take many years to mature. Furthermore, the supply chain for hardwood pallets is always erratic due to their higher demand and low supply. As a result, buyers tend to switch to more long-term suppliers, who, in turn, hike prices during shortfalls. 


Softwood pallet manufacturing in Australia has gained popularity because of the many advantages it offers. The softwood pallet units are lightweight, easy to produce and treat and available throughout the year. All these qualities make them more affordable and excellent alternatives to hardwood pallets.